North Devon Mobile Mechanic

Bickington, Barnstaple, North Devon. EX31 2LQ Tel: 01271 336101

Repair Work

We can do many light repair jobs at your property, from new exhausts to welding work, new radiators or even stereo installation.

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Do you need new brake pads or discs? Do you need corroded brake pipe replacing. This can all be done at your home.

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Does your car need a service but you cant take time off work to have it done? We can fully service right through the weekend.

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As an ex racing driver I know what its like to repair or build a vehicle that has to be on a track minutes later doing 100mph, 3 abreast into a hairpin, scary stuff at the best of times so you have to have faith in your vehicle which means, ultimately, your own work.

As an owner/mechanic/driver I had to do everything for myself including engine rebuilds. As these are racing engines the tolerances were very tight and so you couldnt get away with cutting corners or being slap dash. I was also used to maintaining/restoring my own vehicles and regularly would take time off to help a friend in his garage when work started building up as well as working on all my friends and family's cars. As this developed I started getting calls from friends of friends and so I thought why not go the whole hog, and here we are.

Personal Projects

Over the years I have undertaken several pet projects, some of which are still ongoing. Below are a few on them to give you an idea of things I enjoy doing.

MEV Sonic 7
My current kit car project, or the Batmobile as my friends refer to it. Using its own bespoke chassis and zetec engine and gearbox, this car will fly at only 500kg in weight.
Alfa Romeo Sprint
I rescued this car from being sat in the corner of a field for a few years. I undertook all engine work, bodywork and painting to give the above finished result.
Anderson Maverick
This is a throwback to my karting days, with a 250cc honda engine pushing out 64 bhp, this thing could go from 0-60 and back to a standstill again quicker than a Porsche 911 carrera can do 0-60.